Resources for Mystery Lovers

Library Web Sites:

  • Starr Library, visit the site for information on all of the events in the Starr calendar including all of the library book clubs
  • The Mid-Hudson Library System where you can browse, search, order books and materials from the libraries in five counties to be delivered to the branch of your choice and put popular titles on hold
  • Overdrive, sign in with your library card to access digital content from over 70 libraries and have digital books delivered to you instantaneously
  • The New York Public Library, the big mama of them all. Any New York State resident can apply for a NYPL library card. Order physical books delivered to the branch of your choice in New York City or have digital content delivered to you instantaneously anywhere.

Web Sites:

  • An “everything” site for booklovers of all stripes. I have begun (in 2020) to use the site to track my reading for the year. If you so desire, you can find me there by searching people for “starrmysteries”.
  • Stop You’re Killing Me.Com is the source of all things wonderful for mystery lovers. Started in 1998 by Bonnie Brown and maintained Lucinda Surber and Stan Ulrich since 2006 it is gigantic, encyclopedic and searchable.
  • Interesting site; one of the things I especially enjoy is their lists of seasonal crime books.
  • Bibliographies for over 40,000 authors. Use the browse menu to find an author by surname, or search for an author, book or series. Follow favorite authors, hear about their new and upcoming books, never miss one!
  • Novel Suspects keeps you up to date with new releases of books, films and TV series.
  • Crime Reads has a lot to recommend it, articles on genres, lists of newly published crime books and tons more.
  • Best Mystery Books: when you’ve read all the latest books from all of your current favorite authors and you are in the mood for something classic, something old….
  • Meccas for Mystery Lovers around the country. Road trip, anyone??



Author Interviews: Just search for your favorites

Full Audio Books: Amazing what’s out there, even one of my childhood favorites!